February 24, 2011

Info on Islay

When going to Islay, you might want to pick up some info beforehand.

That is what I recommend before going anywhere, because it will make your journey so much more interesting.

  • The Islay blog
    Allways up to date, this blog gives a good picture of what goes on at Islay.
  • Welcome to Islayinfo - the Ultimate Online Guide to the Isle of Islay”
    - their own words that. In my experience: Check distillery opening hours on the respective websites, see below.
  • Islay from Wikipedia

And then there is the distilleries, with comments. Will be updated reularily, I’ll even consider giving them stars, or something other equally …:

  • Ardbeg
    have a brand new website, wich is nice, but it’s Flash, big boo for that one.
    I really like the shop at Ardbegs, they have some nice items.
  • Bowmore
    Also relatively new, and partly Flash. A little better but still…
    Here you can also rent cottages, like we did. Very nice cottages, and reasonably priced as well.
  • Bruichladdich
    has a new site under development. This is good, cause the old one was a mess, to say the least.
  • Bunnahabhain
    These were really nice, and no flash either. Look here you other morons.
  • Caol Ila
    does not have it’s own adress, wich makes it harder to find. This is a corporate decition, Diaego, cause it goes for  Lagavulin as well. The one making this call has made the wrong call, even if it saves a few pennies. There is also the individual brand forced into the corporate profile. No room for individuality.
    ”I don’t care if your square, here is a nice round hole for you to fit in.”
  • Lagavulin se above
  • Laphroaig
    these are really nice too. And there is a lot of content as well.
  • Kilchoman
    Simple, stylish and easy to navigate. Text book example, but a little boring.

And here is a big boo for a lot of these. What’s with the age statement, and country of origin, it’s a hazzle and a big pain in the …, to go through every time you visit a site. Anyone under age will just lie, and the rest of us, wich are in majority, are just bothered by it. Stop doing that to us.

Did I mention I find it annoying and unnecesary.

Until next time. SKÅL

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  1. Thanks for the praise for my blog, really appreciated!

    Good points on the distillery websites, I think we're pretty much in agreement there. The new Bruichladdich website will be interesting to see, I'm certainly going to watch that one.